In my 20 years of selling homes this year is the first year that I have seen the need of helping people get there homes sold because they are behind in there house payments. It seems in the Champaign,Urbana area I am seeing that it is not only adjustable rate mortgages that adjust up and make the home unaffordable but serveral other reason. The reasons I have seen this year are medical, divorce, job lost, death of a spouse, vacantcies in there investment properties. All these reason's effect a persons bottom line. The common mistake I watch with people that are in pre-forclosers they wait to long before asking for help to get there homes sold. We specialize in short sales and are able to negoiate with the owners mortgage companies litigation departments. The end result for the home owner who is sucessful in completeing a short sale is house is sold at less than they owe on it without hurting there credit. If you wait to long and end up in forecloser your credit will be hurt for 7 to 10 years. Contact us if you are behind in your house payments and let us see if we can help you too.


Tom Cain