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Experiencing "Tom Cain & Company" Service Plus

by Tom Cain and Company

Tom Cain and Company has provided the best service that I have received in real estate.  As an out of area seller, we needed an agent who would work relentlessly to both market our house and arrange for all incidental elements before and during the sale.  Tom achieved both goals in splendid fashion.  We were provided with constant, consistent feedback regarding the house and were kept apprised of all aspects.  He and his staff exhibit the utmost professionalism and provide rapid replies to our questions.  Preparation of required paperwork was fast, accurate, and hassle-free.  Tom Cain and Company have the background and the understanding of real estate that we needed to successfully market and sell our house quickly and profitably despite the unsteady real estate market.  Most importantly, Tom Cain provided keen, unbiased advice that allowed us to make sound financial decisions. Tom Cain and Company took care of every last detail for our home listing and sale; without a doubt, Tom Cain and Company is who you want representing you and your home.
Michael Prouty

Vacant homes in Champaign and Urbana.

by Tom Cain and Company

In the last 2 weeks I have showed over 70 homes to 5 different buyers and was very surprised to find out that 8 out 10 homes that I would show were vacant. I have never seen so many homes vacant in my 20 years of selling homes here in Champaign and Urbana.

Because of so many homes being vacant right now there must be a lot a people with 2 house payments. I have no doubt because of all the vacantcies that is why we are seeing home prices that match what houses were worth in 2004. With interest rates at all time lows and prices being rolled back it is easy to see why buying a home now makes so much sense.

In 2008 our MLS sales were down nearly 20% and for those of us that sale homes in the Champaign area we had one of our worst years ever, but as soon as the new year came in I watch buyer regain confidence that buying now would definitely make sense. If you ask "has our market bottomed out" my answer would be yes. Today is the 27th of January and so far we sold 21 homes already and most of them are getting homes at very good prices. If you are renting now or are considering buying a larger home there has not been a better time to see what is out there. Take advantage of low interest rate and better pricing which we haven't seen since 2004. For more information on what homes are available  call Tom Cain at 217-352-5700 or email me at

Condo financing is becoming harder to get.

by Tom Cain and Company

Last week I helped to separate buyers purchase condos in Champaign. One of them bought at the Karla Condos in Parkland Ridge subdivision. The second buyer bought in Cobblefield Point condos in Turnberry subdivision. Each buyer was very well qualified to purchase a condo, what we were soon to find out was that each condo association had one person who owned more than 10% of the condos in the association. Because of one person owning over 10% of the condos, the secondary market Fannie Mae will not buy the loans. The only type of loan they are now looking at is an adjustable rate mortgage. With rate being at a all time low it was very surprising to find out that great buyers with credit score over 750 could not get a fixed mortgage. When looking for a condo in Chamapaign and Urbana it will be very important to know if there is anyone who owns over 10% of the condos if so you too will be looking at not being able to take advantage of low fixed rate mortgages. For more information on condo buying in Champaign and Urbana please contact Tom Cain of Cain and Company, RE/MAX Realty Associate 217-352-5700.

Champaign "School of Choice"

by Tom Cain and Company

This morning Champaign Unit 4 held there annual Realtor's breakfast. We were given a presentation on the new school of choice program  from Supernatant Authur Culver.

Since 1998 Champaign Unit 4 has been a school of choice school district. With school of choice you as a parent have the ability to ask for a certain school in the district that you would like your child to attend.You would select your first, second and third choice for your child and 88% of the time your child would end up attending one of your three choices. One of the main factors that were considered was race. The idea was to help make the Champaign school district more diverse. Unit 4 is now looking to use family income instead of race to help decide where students will attend school.

Mr. Culver also mentioned that they would need to be changing the boundery lines for the 2 high schools. Centennial High School has about 350 students more than Central High School. Class sizes at Centennial can be as high as 30 students per class.

Champaign County 2008 homes sales report

by Tom Cain and Company

As I look back over the statistics for homes sales in 2008 compared to 2007 this is what I saw.

Total # of home sales in

2007     3107 homes

2008     2458 homes

Average days on market

2007     75 days

2008     84 days

Average for what houses listed for compared to what they sold for.

2007     97%

2008     96%

What type of financing was used the most.

Conventional Mortages

2007      2544 loans

2008      1749 loans

Cash used to buy a home

2007      339 homes

2008      346 homes

FHA Mortages

2007      140 loans

2008      245 loans

Our Real Estate market sales were down 21% compared to the year before and our average days on market went from 75 days to 84 days.

With interest rates falling below 5% I believe that home sales in Champaign County will steadily increase in 2009.

Tom Cain team leader of Cain and Company

Champaign County Sales for December of 2008

by Tom Cain and Company

In December of 2008 the sales for the month here in Champaign County were a total of 127. The four most active sales prices were as follows:

1. $120,000 - $140,000 there were 18 sales

2. $200,000 - $250,000 there were 14 sales

3. $140,000 - $160,000 there were 13 sales

4. $100,000 - $120,000 there were 11 sales

The list to sales ratio for these homes from the Champaign County Association of Realtor was 95% so if a house were listed at $100,000 is has been selling for $95,000. The Average days on market was 87 days.

Financing for people with good credit has not been a problem so far. Conventional loans were used 79 times, cash was used 19 times and FHA loans were used 18 times. With interest rates still dropping it is the best time to be a buyer.

Tom Cain of Cain and Company 800-537-0217 or e-mail at

Why do I need a home inspection?

by Tom Cain and Company


Why do I need a home inspection?

Considering that buying a home might be the biggest investments you'll ever make, wouldn't you like to be assured that this home is THE RIGHT ONE! Having a home inspection can set your mind at ease by knowing the "ins and outs" of a house, construction methods, operation and maintenance with longevity in mind.  There are many home inspectors to chose from in the Champaign-Urbana area. Let us at Cain and Company find the right one for you. We work with them all of the time.

During a home inspection it is important to let the inspector do their job.  While it sounds important and cool to follow the inspector around asking questions and learning, it can be better to save that until the end.   You can request for additional time at the end of the inspection for questions/explanations if you would like to have more thorough information.  The inspection will begin with the exterior and continue to the inside.  The crawl space or basement will be towards the end.  An inspector will check electrical, structural, insulation levels, plumbing, mechanics (furnace, a/c, hot water heater, etc), and many more items.  They will give you a complete report which will show the age and condition of everything checked.  The end of the report will show the minor repairs which normally consist of smaller items that are more informational to watch or fix if you desire.  The major repairs are in need of a closer look as these could be expensive to repair.  You will need to negotiate with the seller to either repair or give a concession to repair after closing.  It is advisable to request that a licensed contractor repair the major items.   We at Cain and Company can assist you in your requests. 

Call me with questions:

Tom Exton


Buying specialist

Cain and Company

RE/MAX Realty Associates

Champaign, Illinois


Why Move to Champaign Illinois

by Tom Cain and Company

Are you considering moving to Champaign, Illinois?  Go ahead and make the move and you will find out it will be one of the best decisions of your life.

I say this for many reasons, but first and foremost it is because of the people.  The people of Central Illinois are warm, friendly, caring, hardworking, and all in all, just fun to be around. One example I can think of to demonstrate this point, was that I was at the movies the other night, and when we left the employees "thanked us for coming to the movies."  That does not happen in most parts of the country.


Another reason for moving to Champaign-Urbana is the University of Illinois.  It is one of the leading Universities in the country and has so much to offer not only to it's students but also to all members of our community.  Whether you like sporting events such as the football, basketball, tennis, soccer,volleyball and a myrid of other sporting events, there is always some type of sporting event going on almost daily.  In addition, there are both big and little concerts, theatrical events, and smaller venues for more intimate performances.  From Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood, to small venues of performances at the Karnert Center, such as  the symphony, comedians, and jazz concerts. Like a cruise ship you may be as involved or uninvolved in the University as  you want. But, it is here to take advantage of if you so desire.


Champaign also has a very diverse and large number of ethic restaurants. We are a very diverse community and culturally very metropolitan.  Additionally, our location for easy access to Chicago, Indianapolis and St. Louis make a day or an overnight trips a great get away for family vacations or just a day of shopping.


Please come and let me give you a community tour of Champaign- Urbana. I know that you will love it as much as we do.  If you interested in a community tour please contact me, Pam Franks, Sales Partner with Cain & Company, RE/MAX Realty Associates, at 217-373-4846. 

Real Estate market values in Champaign

by Tom Cain and Company

In 2008 the trend that I saw in home prices in Champaign and Urbana had to do a lot with when you bought your home.  It seemed that sellers that had purchased their home from 2004 through 2008 saw little to no appreciation.  Many of the homes that we sold in 2008 showed this trend to be true time after time.

For some of the home sellers relocating, was the reason they needed to move. For others it was time to buy a larger house.  Because prices had adjusted  to 2004 prices, it has made the buying of a more expensive home more appealing than ever.  For example, if you sold your house for 8 percent less than what it was worth in 2006, but then turned around and  bought a more expensive home with the same 8 percent savings, you came out ahead.

In the 20 years of helping people with there biggest decision of there lives, buying a home, I have never seen such a good time to buy up. The saving from Real Estate values along with record low interest rates has made now the time to take advantage of the Real Estate market.

Two weeks ago, I helped 2 families buy a home and the timing was perfect. One of the couples bought a home in the $180,000 range and that day interest rates hit a low of 4.75%. The difference in payment versus what rates had just been, saved them just over $200 per month in there house payment. The second couple locked in at 4.875% interest rate.

It is very hard not to be a winner when buying a home with rates this low and prices this good. To discuss how to take advantage of today's Real Estate market, give Tom Cain and Company, RE/MAX Realty Associates a call at 217-352-5700.

Investment Property in Champaign

by Tom Cain and Company

Wow!!  What a year 2008 was....and I'm glad it is behind us now!!  Not that it was a bad year, but there sure were some trying issues we have passed and looking forward to a great year!  My new catch phrase for the year is: Things are going to be fine in 2009!!  I sure hope you feel the same way! 

I do know one thing in Champaign, Illinois, that we have been pretty fortunate about, is that the Real Estate Market has not been hurt as bad as larger metropolitan areas in the Nation.  With low interest rates and reduced home prices in Champaign, I think there is not a better time to buy!

Investors can capitalize on the large inventory and low interest rates to make some solid choices for their investment portfolio!  I just worked with an Investor on purchasing a four unit building in the Champaign area and his interest rate was less than six percent! 

If you have considered investment property, moving up to a larger home, or considering what to do with your tax money, there is not a better time to make the move!

If you would like to have more information regarding Investment Property in Champaign, IL, please give me a call!

Eddie Mullins, Sales Partner

Cain & Company

RE/MAX Realty Associates





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